Live, Laugh, and Love in a controlled environment.

Here at Mary Bell University, we strive to create a hospitable environment that encourages growth and community, while keeping our students comfortable and healthy. That's why we work so hard to maintain quality on-campus housing, and to provide state-of-the-art facilities for students who choose to live on campus.

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu


Newly Renovated

Here at Mary Bell University, we believe it's important to always be improving, which is why we've recently renovated the beautiful Alpert Hall, located at the foothills of the Ram Dass Nature Preserve. Featuring the most comfortable, spacious, and state-of-the-art living facilities, Alpert Hall brings upperclassmen together in our latest addition to MBU's reputation for quality.


The Historical Living Community

Mary Bell University's original dormitory complex was erected alongside the first academic buildings on our beautiful campus in 1953, and since then has housed thousands of dedicated students. Dickinson Community is comprised of three co-ed dormitory buildings, the Dickinson Dining Hall, and the Dickinson fitness center.


For Students Living Substance-Free

Here at Mary Bell University, we set aside living arrangements for students who believe they work better when not exposed to certain substances.



Delicious, Nutritious, and Food.

We at Mary Bell University love to eat food. We are committed to providing our students with the right fuel to encourage hard work and creativity - and make sure that fuel is pleasant to consume. We want our students to feel good and have a good time, so we offer a variety of meal plans to meet each students' individual dietary needs. Our dining halls offer expertly-produced Sodexo(TM) foodstuffs, and our on-campus food court provides students with the option to treat themselves to fast food favorites as part of their meal plan.


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