• Megan Love

Alpert Hall Renovations Near Completion

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The renovations at Alpert Hall have been an ongoing struggle on campus for years, and it has been the bane of commuters ever since they began. Gutted roadways, torn up lawns, noise pollution, and the general eyesore of the project have brought the ire of students and faculty alike. Finally, it looks as though the renovations may finally be drawing to a close.

"Well, it's a classic building, so it wasn't designed for the needs of the modern student. In order to re-configure the building to accommodate 21st century students we needed to do a lot more internal work than one might have assumed." said project supervisor Jerry Caldwell. "The good news is we're just about done with that part of the building, and in stage four of the external design and aesthetic presentation."

When asked when we can expect the construction site to become a livable space for student again, Caldwell shrugged. "I don't want to make any promises, but we're operating on a six month timetable here so if all goes according to plan it won't be more than nine."

The renovations are set to feature a new recreational center, including a snack bar and an arcade, USB power outlets, central air conditioning, substance-free housing floors, new showers, and gender-neutral bathrooms on co-ed floors, as well as a small satellite library for quick reference and classic literature.

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