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Chickwit Communications Department in Disarray after WWATV Mishap

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

On Friday July 12th, everyone at the WWATV Public Access University Television Station was in good spirits. Students from the communications department gathered in the Chickwit Communications Complex late afternoon and began assembling the set and preparing to shoot the pilot episode of a possible regular program, and everything was going according to plan. The lights were set in position, the cameras and microphones calibrated, and then the crew went home after a long day of preparing for this new project, and eagerly awaited the next day.

However, the cast and crew of the new program, "The Night Mic! With Norm Brenner," were caught off guard by the erratic behavior of their pilot episode's musical guest. The guest, a singer-songwriter calling himself Willwood Tapeworm, broke studio regulations by bringing live animals into the shoot, including large spiders and a collection of domesticated rats. The musician then went on to break several pieces of studio equipment, invite a group of strangers wearing fact paints and ghost costumes into the station, and refuse to lip sync his song as he originally was asked to.

The station was left a complete mess, covered in confetti and popped balloons. A tarantula was found under the "Night Mic!" desk, and the station has been searching for its owner since. It is theorized that this large spider may not belong to Mr. Tapeworm.

The episode was completed on schedule, but may not air due to the commotion caused by Mr. Tapeworm's egregious behavior. When asked about the event, Night Mic host and theater major Norm Brenner had the following to say:

"This has really proven to me just how badly some people need help with their mental health problems. I spoke to William afterward and he apologized, and I forgave him, but I really think he needs some serious professional help. It's not his fault he's like this, but it is his responsibility." He paused for a moment, then added, "I think I'm going to switch my major. I think I have a higher calling."

We reached out to Willwood Tapeworm's record label, and in response, they insisted they had nobody on their roster with that name.

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