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Dr. Aman Rajneesh Added to Faculty Roster

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

On Tuesday, Dr. Aman Rajneesh was officially added to the faculty roster here at Mary Bell University. He will be starting his first classes, Introduction to Neurochemistry 2800, and Neuropharmacology 3200 in the Fall Semester, which begins the week of August 22nd, 2020.

A Mary Bell University alumnus himself, Dr. Rajneesh has worked closely with Mary Bell University in some capacity for years. As an accomplished research psychologist, Dr. Aman Rajneesh has helped champion some of the most important studies ever completed at Mary Bell University. Full time, he works as a psychiatrist with a private practice located in downtown Mary Bell Township.

When asked how he felt about once again becoming a part of the Mary Bell University Community, Dr. Rajneesh replied, "I have always been and always will be a part of this community. I am proud to say it. Please no more questions."

At the moment, Dr. Rajneesh has not confirmed any office hours or if he will have an office on campus at all.

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