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MBU Alumnus Wendy LaMorte Raises Suicide Awareness with Inspiring Lecture

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

MBU Alumnus and former mother of two Wendy LaMorte was horrified when one night she opened the bathroom door to find her daughter, Gwendy Vera-Lynn LaMorte, dead in the bathtub from blood loss. This devastating loss turned her and her family's world upside down, and in order to help make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else, Wendy LaMorte has been working to raise awareness about suicide prevention ever since.

Wendy LaMorte, 49, contemplated suicide herself after her 15-year-old daughter's passing, but eventually decided to use her pain to try and help others. After writing a series of articles for local papers and starting a blog about suicide, the process of grieving, and recovery, Wendy started receiving invitations to speak at various charity events and schools around the tri-state area. She has since then become well-known for her gut-wrenching yet heartwarming inspirational speeches.

Last night, Wendy LaMorte visited the MBU student center to give a speech on suicide prevention in multipurpose room C. Students and faculty members gathered to hear her talk about her all-too-common experience and her unique perspective on how to see warning signs of suicidal thoughts in loved ones, how to talk to your loved ones about it, and what to do if one finds themselves feeling suicidal.

"It is okay to not be okay." LaMorte said, when bringing the speech to a close. "Life is hard, but its our lives that allow us to make others' lives a little easier."

"It has been an absolute honor to be given this platform through which I can both express and work through my grief, help others do the same, and hopefully prevent some people from needing to go through this." said LaMorte, standing outside the students' center. "If you want to hear more, you can find me on Instagram."

We wish Mrs. LaMorte and her surviving family the best, and look forward to hosting her again.

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