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Regarding COVID-19

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, Friends, and Family,

There's no denying that these are strange times. The threat of the novel coronavirus has proven to be very real, and we must be ready to live our lives a little differently. Here at Mary Bell University, we take the pandemic very seriously. That's why we've taken on new policies, and feel it is our responsibility as educators and community leaders to keep our student body and those close to us informed and safe.

While we feel it's most effective to keep our students together and that the best education happens in a group classroom setting, we have decided to close our classrooms until further notice. Social distancing is immeasurably important right now, and we must take whatever precautions necessary to ensure the safety of everyone here at Mary Bell University.

The Chickwit School has been closed in its entirety. That includes the WWATV studio, Loukaitis Hall, and the Jackson Atrium as well. Pomeroy Hall, Vestal Hall, and the Paterson Center have also been closed. The Stanford School complex has also been shut down entirely as well.

The Dining Halls now have reduced hours, and are only open from 10am to 4pm, but students are now entitled to one off-plan free meal a day, and may bring up to two trays out of the dining hall. The food court has been closed. The student center has also been closed entirely, including the library. The dormitories remain open, but we highly recommend that unless you are unable to, you return home and shelter in place off campus.

The Haversack School of Health Sciences has acquired a limited supply of government-issued COVID-19 tests, and students who are experiencing symptoms of the disease (loss of taste/smell, fever, respiratory difficulty) may be able to get tested if supply permits. The Haversack complex remains open, but the east and west wings are off-limits. The basement floor is, of course (as always) off limits without double-verified authorization from the secondary board of trustees and the programs directors' office. Violators will still face serious disciplinary action.

Unfortunately, during this time we have to make certain sacrifices, but we are committed to our duty as a higher learning establishment. Your instructors have been instructed to email their students with an updated syllabus, and information on how to continue their courses online. If you haven't received an email from your instructor, please check your class's Blackboard portal. The pertinent information will be listed there as well. There may be some delay on this process, please be patient with us, as this adjustment is significant for all of us.

Due to these unusual circumstances, students are permitted to withdraw from classes and receive an Incomplete at any point in the semester. Should you or a loved one fall ill and have that cause you to fail a course, you may submit an application to have your failing grade replaced with an Incomplete. This will not affect your GPA or academic standing in any way.

These are indeed very strange times, and we must keep in mind the seriousness of this threat. Please stay in touch with love ones, practice social distancing, wash your hands and disinfect regularly, and stay out of the Haversack complex basement. Together (but apart!) we can flatten the curve and help battle this pandemic.

Please check your emails regularly, as we will be sending regular updates and important news regarding the pandemic as events unfold.

Take care,

The Board of Trustees

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