• Megan Love

Regarding COVID-19

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, Friends, and Family,

It has unfortunately come to a point where we must address the coronavirus panic. We understand it may seem like things are getting strange out there, but we must remember not to lose our heads or let unfounded fears prevent us from fulfilling our academic and professional responsibilities. While the stories we're hearing about the coronavirus may be frightening, it is important to keep in mind that when all is said and done, we are safe.

We as an institution have decided our position in this controversy should be the one that keeps our students on course to achieve their better tomorrow, today. We are a higher education company Megan can you use a different word than company? thanks. and our commitment first is to helping our students get what they pay for Megan I think it's probably best we phrase this a little differently, can we try something like "helping our students accomplish their academic goals?" thanks. our commitment first is to helping our students accomplish their academic goals.

There have been many times, particularly in recent history, where fears of a new pathogen have lead to a state of public panic. While we acknowledge that some people have fallen ill, we believe it is very important to keep in mind that allow fear to control us can lead to mass hysteria. In a state like this, it's easy for things to fall apart, and one of the first things that may fall by the wayside is our responsibilities as students and faculty.

We urge you to continue your courses and tackle your assignments head on, and pay no mind to the apparent threat of disease. These things happen, they come and go, and at the end of it all, life goes on.

We understand your concerns, and we are committed to doing the right thing. Right now, we think the most important thing is to learn from similar situations in the past, and continue growing and acheieving. Please continue to eat well, exercise, avoid drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and practice good hygiene and everything will go back to normal shortly.

Thank you,

The Board of Trustees

Megan, I think we need to be careful of our tone. We don't want the readers to think we're completely denying it, lest we be held somehow responsible in the off chance we're wrong about this. Don't get me wrong, this whole thing is nonsense at best (and if you ask me, malicious at worst) but we don't need people knowing that until it's time to say "I told you so." I'd say take another look at your first draft and try to see if we can soften it, be a bit more vague, and avoid taking a hard stance while still making sure students know we're not going to play along with this whole "Coronavirus" thing. Thanks.

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