• Megan Love

Three Dead in MBU Hazing Incident

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

On what seemed like a normal "thirsty thursday," Mary Bell University Freshmen rushing Alpha Delta were subjected to a series of "hazing" rituals that ended in disaster for three students.

Last Thursday, three students; Andrew Plainfield (18), Sam Smith (19), and Orville Toothsome Jr. (18), were part of a series of disturbing hazing rituals the Alpha Delta off-campus house.

Witnesses to some of these rituals were everything from horrified to blasé in reaction to watching certain events unfold. Traditional hazing exercises included streaking through the backyards of several neighboring houses, being forced to drink dangerous amounts of grain alcohol, and tying pledges to the columns on the front porch with their genitals exposed.

However, the events that lead directly to the deaths of Plainfield, Smith, and Toothsome, appear to be without any witnesses.

Police reports show that the three MBU students were found naked and chained to a support beam in the basement of the house. Upon arrival, police found two of the young men already dead, and the third (Orville Toothsome Jr.) was pronounced dead at the hospital two hours later from blood loss due to severe wounds. His hands have not been found.

The Alpha Delta Omega house on the corner of Court and Front Street in downtown Mary Bell Township have been the subject of controversy a number of times in the recent past, however this is the first time any MBU fraternities have been involved in any deaths.

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