• Megan Love

Three Students Arrested on Possession Charges in Alpert Hall [Archive]

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Yesterday, Wednesday October 13th, three Mary Bell University Students had their dorm room raided by federal agents in search of illegal substances. The law enforcement officers, who had a copy of a search warrant on their person, arrived at Alpert Hall 4:30am and entered the building fully armed and prepared for the worst.

The students in question were three MBU freshmen named William Jung, Bill Joseph, and Will Sartre, and were asleep when the federal agents forcibly entered their dorm room. The agents raided the room, pulling out drawers and turning the room upside down until they found a "small but dangerous amount" of a controlled substance in what they referred to later as "an embarrassingly conspicuous hiding place."

Few other details were made available. Law enforcement would not comment on the nature of the substance, except to say that it was a "powerful drug" that could "cause irreversible damage to the individuals and their communities."

The three students are awaiting trial now, but are expected to face minimal sentencing due to "unique circumstances" of the arrest and alleged offense.

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